Dreams Do Come True
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Can you help us to provide days out or the opportunity to fulfil a dream for those affected by Epilepsy?

If so please read on, your help could make a difference and for a short time have a real effect on those we at fable strive to help
if you know someone who would benefit from being nominated please contact the office for a nomination form

We are looking to provide family fun days out or make dreams come true for those
affected by epilepsy.

This could be:

A trip to the coast, a place of interest, the cinema, a concert, the theatre, a football match, a cricket game, a rugby match or a visit to the race course or dog track.

It could be the chance to experience something new, horse riding, archery or a dance class.
The opportunity to meet one of their  celebrity favourites or sporting hero's.

 Affording these things for some patients or families can be difficult. Just getting there can be awkward even just knowing if they will be allowed to participate can stop someone with epilepsy even attempting to do something on our list.

What would it mean to someone you know to meet their idol? 

Our Dream Factory is all about making these opportunities a reality. We would like to make things easier by taking the strain and organising the days out which in turn will show them what they can do, what they can achieve and where they can go and be accepted.
It will also give people the opportunity to meet others, make friends and help them help themselves but it could also be about being star struck and meeting that one special celebrity or a team.

Please Note:
There is a protocol we follow when granting Wishes and Dreams.
Please see Terms and Conditions Here

Requests for an application form and a copy of the terms and conditions should be made to our head office 37-39 Bedford Street Sheffield S6 3BT or by emailing

Dreams Do Come True
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