Equipment Aid



Thank you to everyone who continually supports Fable. Every penny really does make a difference. It allows us to help families throughout the UK by donating pieces of medical equipment which can make a real difference to their lives.

We have recently supported Lily and her family by donating a number of sensory LED lights for her bedroom.

"We are really pleased to be able to support Lily and her family by donating some sensory lighting for her bedroom. We hope she gets lots of enjoyment from them.
We are so grateful for everyone's ongoing support which allows us to be,
" A lifeline to some, an understanding ear to many and an open door to all."

Seventeen month old Lilly Wilkinson was given a Seizure Alert Bed Alarm

We are pleased to announce that we have funded a state of the art ‘Seizure Alert Bed Alarm’ to a family in Newcastle to offer them peace of mind without intrusion whilst their daughter sleeps.

Fable have been lucky to receive support from their corporate partner ‘Irwin Mitchell Solicitors’ and Geoff Major from Involve Adventures to allow the charity to fund the ‘Pro Guardian System’ provided by the manufactures ‘Alert It’ to the family, which will hopefully enhance their quality of life.

“We are very pleased to be in a position to help Lilly and her family, by funding the seizure alert bed alarm and hope it helps her parents have some peace of mind whilst Lilly is sleeping. We are truly grateful to Irwin Mitchell Solicitors and Geoff Major for their Support which has made it possible for us to grant this potentially lifesaving piece of equipment.”


Jake Redford – Anti-Suffocation Pillow – Sheffield

It was a pleasure to meet Fiona and her adorable son Jake to present the family with a much needed anti suffocation pillow, which will hopefully give Fiona some peace of mind whilst Jake is sleeping.

This was funded through our medical equipment aid programme which funds pieces of equipment which potentially could prove to be life saving and enhance patients quality of life.