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Taking a holiday? Well if so, you’ll also want travel insurance.

Travel insurance is a must when planning a holiday. There’s just one slight problem. If you are living with epilepsy or any other pre-existing medical condition, standard or ordinary travel insurance, commonly sold by travel agents, banks and building societies etc, will generally exclude cover for anything relating directly or indirectly to your diagnosed medical condition. This is all well and good if you are lucky enough not to have a medical condition but for those of you who do, this limited type of insurance defeats the purpose.

The point of purchasing travel insurance is to protect you against financial loss, provide peace of mind and allow you to relax and really enjoy that well deserved break. Apart from being covered in the event your belongings are lost or stolen, there are more serious issues to consider.
Knowing you will not be out of pocket should you have to cancel your holiday or develop the need for emergency medical treatment whilst abroad (especially if it’s related to your pre-existing conditions) is the highest priority. So where can you buy travel insurance that will genuinely include cover for your condition(s)?…………….

Freedom Insurance is a company we have discovered who specialise in this field and have extensive experience in providing travel insurance solutions for those with pre-existing conditions.
Their one-stop-shop offers a confidential medical screening facility, quotation and policy fulfilment that can be conducted in a single phone call and better still, Freedom have agreed, for each policy sold, F.A.B.L.E will receive a donation.

To avoid travel insurance shocks, there are a few things to be aware of and Vicki Moses, Marketing Manager of Freedom, gives some tips:

“Destination plays a key role in the premium calculation of travel insurance. Private health care areas like the USA, Canada and the Caribbean generate the highest prices, especially if you have medical conditions to declare. It’s wise to check the cost of insurance before you actually book your holiday.

The exclusion of cover for pre-existing medical conditions on basic travel insurance can apply to your travelling companions too. Although they may not have any medical conditions, it’s unlikely these schemes will pay out if your companion needs to cancel, curtail or stay longer at a destination due to your medical condition causing trip complications. It’s advisable that all travelling companions are insured on the same specialist policy, eliminating gaps or grey areas in the cover.

Insurer’s terms will vary and whilst some will offer cover for your medical conditions, the extent of cover may be limited and excesses may be high. Worst of all, they may impose an on-going health declaration/ warranty. This simply means you are duty bound to inform your insurer of any change in health status and if there is, they reserve the right to alter the terms, ask for an additional premium or void your policy altogether. I am very pleased to say, Freedom does not operate on on-going medical warranty so BE CERTAIN, buy a policy you can trust!”


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