In Memory

Bret Andrew Crane
10th January 1975

Bret Andrew Crane was born on 10th Jan 1975, there’s only a few years between us so we grew up very close, he was always a bit of a handful, lively cheeky but loveable with it. 
Bret was very healthy as a child but then he started to have fits out of the blue, he would have them in his sleep which scared everybody, he tried to get on with life but work wise was difficult, as the fits were unpredictable. He had a few jobs but then was diagnosed as epileptic and was on medication which had to be increased over time. 
Bret was hospitalized on a few occasions, I dreaded getting that call. 

Bret had a few partners and at times came to live with me when things got difficult, he was always welcome and I love having him with me and my kids. Bret had 3 kids first who he wasn’t allowed access to because the relationships went wrong. He tried but it wasn’t to be.
Bret was an only child so he had no brothers or sisters to turn to but he had his mum and all his cousins. I was the only girl out of us all so I was well protected especially by Bret. He made me feel very safe and secure. 
He got into another relationship where he had 2 boys Josh and Morgan who he adored and when that relationship broke down he had regular contact with them. 

Along came another relationship where he had another boy Ewan. That relationship broke down over time but he still had contact with all 3 boys. 

Bret then met the love of his life Rachel, he was so happy and gone were the days of going to the pub with his mates he told me on several occasions that he was enjoying home life.
Rachel calmed Bret down considerably as there were times he got himself into trouble. She would have none of it!!! She was the one he told me and he meant it. By this time we were only living round the corner from each other so I saw a fair bit of him. 

All this time he was still seeing his boys, Rachel encouraged this even though it was her house that Bret was living in. 
Rachel got pregnant and along came Taylor a tiny thing she was but another double of Bret. Most of Bret’s kids carried his ginger gene we called it, his kids were the double of him, these little mini ME’s running around. 

Bret was enjoying life more than ever, he would ring me on a Saturday night from 11pm till 3am most times, and we talked about everything. He and Rachel had all the kids round as well as a few other friends and their kids at weekends and Saturday nights were Xbox nights and speak to me nights. 

I got a call on Fri 4th may at 11am to tell me Bret had an epileptic fit and it was bad, I rang Rachel who told me to get to hospital. I got there and was told that he had a massive fit after the fit he went to the bathroom were he collapsed wedging himself behind the toilet door, Rachel rang 999 and how I do not know but she managed to get into the toilet and drag him out, she said he was gurgling. 
The hospital froze Bret to try and stop any damage to his brain as when the paramedics got there, he wasn’t breathing but they got him back, his heart had stopped for over 20 mins. 

We stayed at the hospital all weekend where he was warmed up but on the Sunday he was making the characteristics of brain damage.

On Monday 7th May the decision was made to withdraw the life support, all family and friends came to say goodbye, his mum Rachel kids and myself were with him when he passed, I had my head on his chest listening to the beat of his heart get weaker whilst watching the clock. It was lunchtime when my grandma and granddad came for him. 

The doctors say all he will have known is he had an epileptic fit. 
My daughter had a baby in August; we found out on the morning of Bret’s funeral that she was having a boy. His name is Kade Bret Clarke; he has Bret’s ginger hair. I like to think that he passed that to us 

The kids lost their dad, his mum lost her only son, Rachel lost the love of her life and I lost my very best friend, the one who made me feel safe and secure and I miss him so very much. Bret was a massive Liverpool fan so it was only right his last song was you’ll never walk alone. Bret’s donations were sent to yourselves.
I go to see him at the crem at least once a week so does Rachel and his kids. 

I love and miss him so much.....