London Marathon

We would like to say a huge big thank you to John Higginbottom from Sheffield who recently ran the London Marathon and decided to raise valuable funds for our cause. If you can support him in anyway with his fundraising, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please visit his Virgin Money Page

His Story

On 4 October last year, I ran my first ever marathon. Later that night, I also had my first tonic-clonic epileptic seizure (the type of seizure most associated with epilepsy) and ended up in hospital.

I went on to have further episodes and one of the scariest things for me was not knowing when or where I’d have my next fit or even what might trigger it. Having access to guidance and support from charities like Fable (For A Better Life with Epilepsy) in Sheffield really helped me understand my condition (which is now stable), and I’d like to give something back to them.

I went on to run the London marathon again this year (without any seizures so far) and I’d love to raise some money for them to help continue their work. If you’re able to donate to them, that would be amazing.