Fable Charity Gives Teenager the Hope of Independence

Sheffield based Epilepsy Charity ‘Fable’ are pleased to announce that by working in partnership with Irwin Mitchell Solicitors we are in a position to help support a local family by donating a seizure alert alarm.

Anmol from Wakefield was referred to the charity from ‘Child Brain Injury Trust’ and has been granted with a Pulseguard Alarm System which will allow her the opportunity to gain some independence which she craves, whilst giving her family the very much needed peace of mind without intrusion

“We are so pleased that we have been able to grant this alarm to Anmol, and it was a pleasure to meet her and her family.  We were in a position to fund this piece of equipment with the very generous support of Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, who part sponsored the alarm. Their continued support is so valuable and we will always be eternally grateful for everything they do for the charity.  This piece of equipment is the next step in Anmol gaining her independence and giving her time alone which like any teenager she is desperate for. The alarm is a small price to pay to give the family comfort that they will be notified if she has a seizure.”
 Sarah Osborne-Green ‘Operations Manager’ Fable Charity.

“At Irwin Mitchell we often see first-hand from our clients how the effects of epilepsy can have an impact on day to day life as a result of the condition, so we’re delighted to be involved with Fable’s Equipment Aid Programme and to support Anmol and her family, as Anmol become more independent as a teenager.”  “We are incredibly proud to work alongside Fable and CBIT, supporting their valuable work with families across Yorkshire, as a longstanding corporate supporter of both charities.” Sarah Coles, Partner – Irwin Mitchell Solicitors.

“This is the best part of the job!” said Carmel Gallagher, Regional Support Worker for the Child Brain Injury Trust.  “Fable are able to make transformational changes to family life, through the Equipment Aid Programme. I am looking forward to seeing how uses her new technology and I know she already has big ideas about chilling out in her bedroom listening to music and pursuing her artist ambitions.”

“We are ever so grateful as a family to be honoured with the alarm for Anmol, It will change her life, build her confidence and independence.  Anmol suffers with various uncontrolled seizures which are severe, we do not know when her seizures are coming on and has had a significant effect on her whole life since she was 9 years old.  She has been through a lot of different medication but still nothing seems to help or control her seizures.  We can not thank you all enough Sarah Green at Fable, Sarah Coles at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors and Carmel Gallagher at CBIT.  As Anmol says you are all Angels.”  Salma Ashraf – Anmol’s Sister.


If you would like more information about this press release or about the charity please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Osborne-Green on 0114 2755335 or e-mail sarah-fable@btconnect.com