Notice to all patients, customers and service users.


Hello all

We hope you are all keeping well.

Crookes Fable Charity Shop will be opened to the public on Monday 15th June at 12pm.

Herries Fable Charity Shop will be opened to the public on Tuesday 16th June at 10am

The Charity Trustees have put in place social distancing measures for the staff and public’s safety.

A full and complete risk assessment has been implemented.

We have installed anti-sneeze/cough screens, hand sanitiser, social distancing signage and other health and safety measures.

As with other shops, only a certain number of customers will be allowed in the shop at any time, If you are queueing outside please maintain social distancing in and outside the shop

We would ask you to call the shops

Crookes 0114 2684577
Herries  0114-2425243

if you have donations to see if we can take them and to reduce the number of people visiting at the same time.

There will be window information signs please read them.

This is a learning curve for us all; please keep to the social distancing measures put in place so we can all stay safe.

Fable Charity Trustees.