The David Lewis Centre
Over 100 Years Providing Residential Services for Epilepsy
[Established by Trust Deed dated 8 September, 1904]

The David Lewis Centre is the largest UK provider of a range of medical, educational, residential and assessment services for people with complex epilepsy and other neurological conditions, including challenging behaviour.
Residents can access the Special Needs School (ages 7 to 19), the Specialist College (ages 16 to 25) and Day Services / Continuing Adult Education (ages 16 to life) whilst benefiting from the expert care of multidisciplinary medical teams and a wide range of residential services.
Epilepsy and behaviour assessment services, tailored to the needs of each individual, are provided for children, adults and people with acute & challenging behaviours.
Many residents require one-to-one support and the Centre operates for 52 weeks per year for all age groups. There are a limited number of places for non-residential service users and for respite care.
The David Lewis Centre is a truly National facility and services are available to people from all parts of the United Kingdom and abroad.