• The relief of the needs of persons with special needs, in particular those who suffer from epilepsy.
  • The advancement of the education of the public in all aspects of epilepsy.”


  • To raise and maintain public awareness of epilepsy and the role of Fable.
  • To offer support, assistance and advice through our National Patient Support Network
  • To help improve the quality of life and relieve the needs of those with epilepsy.


  • To help raise public awareness about epilepsy and the effects on the family unit through our web site, education and publicity.
  • To maintain our free phone advice line and encourage others to link together to offer support, advice and assistance.
  • To help relieve the needs of those with epilepsy through our equipment aid programme.
  • To encourage support and fund raising by running high profile fund raising events, organising national symposiums and smaller local meetings and by supporting those who fund raise on our behalf.


  • We will educate the general public about Epilepsy by raising awareness and understanding of the condition and treatments through communication, publicity, by providing easily accessible information on a wide range of topics relating to epilepsy and by further developing our web site.
  • We will encourage and support fund raising by offering assistance and support to those who wish to fund raise on our behalf  and by organising high profile events

  • We will help those affected by epilepsy where possible see their dreams & wishes become reality through our dream factory project.