New Carrier Bag Charge

Due to new government guidelines all retail shops from 21 May 2021 all retailers of any size (large, medium, small, micro and airport retailers) must charge a minimum of 10 pence for single-use carrier bags in England. We could be fined if we do not charge, so try to bring your own bags.

The local authority can inspect us to check we are following the law.

Inspectors can:

  • Visit the shop or store
  • make test purchases
  • speak to staff
  • demand records

Inspectors do not have to give us a warning but can carry these out as ‘secret shopper’ exercises. If they find a problem they can:

  • issue a non-compliance notice stating what we must do to fix the problem
  • impose a fixed penalty
  • Impose a variable penalty

The above are some of the guidelines for retail shops including charities.
We don’t have any choice in this, if you need a bag we will have to charge you 10p

Fable Charity Trustees