pride of Britain

The Pride of Britain Award Winners 1999
with a host of celebrities including
the Prime Minister Tony Blair, Queen Noor of Jordan,
Richard Branson and Sir Bobby Charlton

Many of us who work for charity, do not do it for the recognition but because we enjoy and believe in what we do. I am one of those people. When I was told that I had been short-listed for an award from the Mirror as part of their ‘Pride Of Britain Awards. I was overjoyed to have been short listed from thousands nominated. To eventually find out that I had won, left me for once in my life speechless. I felt very honoured to have been chosen and recognised for doing something I enjoy
The ceremony on May 20th 1999 which also happened to be Fable's 4th Birthday, was held at the Dorchester hotel in London and was the most star-studded occasion one could ever imagine. I was actually sat next to Barbara Windsor for lunch with Michael Barrymore behind me.

Photos of the winners were taken before the ceremony started and gave each and everyone of us the opportunity to meet the Prime Minister Tony Blair, Richard Branson the boss of Virgin and the very beautiful Queen Noor of Jordan. Many more celebrities were there for the photographs including Lennox Lewis, Sir Bobby Charlton, two of the Spice Girls, Ronan Keating from Boyzone and the editor of the Mirror Piers Morgan.

I found it strange to sit there and listen while Carol Vordeman spoke about Gareth, Fable and me. Our plans for the future and what we had achieved in four years. She was the most marvellous presenter. As the time grew nearer to collect the award I became more and more nervous, to have to walk through a host of celebrities to reach the stage, where David Ginola the footballer, was waiting to present the award to me. It was an awesome feeling but the adrenaline keeps you going, you are on such a high it is unbelievable.

I knew that I needed to keep calm to deliver my thank you speech but
the strange thing is that after I had given it I could not remember what I had said.
I had the most wonderful day, one I will never forget.
All the publicity for Fable is invaluable, we can only hope that the news will have reached a lot more people, who did not know about Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy and Fable.

I am grateful to the Mirror and Virgin for the honour of being chosen as Charity Fundraiser of the Year, for all their hospitality. To be part of the first ever Pride of Britain Awards, to stand along side the other winners, some of who left you feeling very humble. I am proud to be a part of it all.

I was also glad that my friend and colleague Sandra Lindley who helped me set up the charity was there to share the moment with me along with my husband.. Without their support and everyone else who has given of their time and loyalty to help fable grow over the last four years, we would not now be the established charity we now are.

Sandra Howard - Founder