The Magnets

In Case of a Seizure – the most common use for the magnet is to try to stop a seizure. If you feel an aura or a seizure beginning, start stimulation immediately by passing the magnet over the Pulse Generator for about one second.

Handling the magnets

Patients are provided with two magnets, a CyberWatch™ watch style magnet and a CyberPager™ pager-style magnet. If the magnets are handled correctly, they should last many years. Although the old type Block Magnets and Horse Shoe Magnets are still available for us as well.


The CyberWatch magnet attaches to the wrist with a wristband. The magnet should be positioned on the inside of your wrist so that the CyberWatch label can be easily placed over the generator to initiate Magnet Mode or to stop stimulation.

The CyberPager magnet comes with a belt clip so that the magnet and clip can be removed as a unit from the belt without coming apart. To use the CyberPager magnet, remove the belt clip and magnet from your belt and place the CyberPager label against the Pulse Generator.


Never put or store them near credit cards,
televisions, computers, computer disks, microwave ovens, watches or other magnets. Keep them at least 10 inches (25 centimetres) away from these objects.

*Do not drop the magnets.
They can break if dropped on a hard surface.

*Carry a magnet with you at all times.
Show your family members or care givers how to use a magnet in case they see you having a seizure.

Using the Magnet

Each person has different results from using the magnet. Some people say that the magnet either stops all or most seizures, shortens them, or lessens their intensity or their recovery period afterward. For other people, the magnet has little or no effect. Even if the magnet has little effect for you, be sure to keep one with you in case you ever need to turn OFF the Pulse Generator.

The magnet can be used in three ways

a. To start stimulation (if the Magnet Mode was activated by the Doctor)
·When you are having an aura
·When a seizure begins
·During a seizure

b. To stop stimulation temporarily or turn OFF the Pulse Generator
· When you plan to sing or speak in public (if stimulation bothers you when you do this)
· When you are eating (if you have swallowing problems)
· If stimulation becomes uncomfortable or painful

c. To check daily that the Pulse Generator battery is working (if the Magnet Mode feature was activated by the Doctor)

a. To Start Stimulation


· Pass (move) either magnet over the Pulse Generator for about one second
Stimulation will start immediately after the magnet is removed if you use the magnet correctly. There are two exceptions: if the Pulse Generator is not working and if you Doctor has not activated the Magnet Mode feature.

b. To Stop Stimulation:

1. Put the magnet over the Pulse Generator. If the stimulation continues, move the magnet around until it stops.
2. Leave the magnet over the Pulse Generator. If necessary, tape it to your chest using surgical tape or elastic, wrap- around bandage
3. If you stopped the stimulation because it was painful or unusual, call your Doctor immediately.

The Pulse Generator will not stimulate while the magnet is in place, but will start when the magnet is removed.

Remember –

To start the single Magnet Mode stimulation, pass the magnet over the pulse Generator for at least one second.

To stop stimulation, place the magnet over the Pulse Generator and hold it there for as long as you want stimulation stopped.

  • If you hold it in place for less than 65 seconds and then remove it, you will feel one Magnet Mode stimulation, and your normal stimulation cycle will start again immediately.

  • lf you hold it in place for longer than 65 seconds and then remove it, you will not get a Magnet Mode stimulation: instead, your normal cycle will start again. Note: The period in which you hold the magnet in place does not count as part of the programmed OFF time.

    c. To Check the Pulse Generator Battery

  • Check the battery the same way that you start stimulation.
    Pass (move) the magnet over the Pulse Generator for about one second.

Stimulation will start after the magnet is removed.

*Do this every day to check that the Pulse Generator battery is working as usual.

Note: The Magnet Mode feature is optional. For a few patients, it may not be used. The doctor will decide whether to use it or turn it OFF, you will not be able to use the magnet to start stimulation or check the battery.

However, you will always be able to stop Normal Mode stimulation ( to turn off the Pulse Generator) using the magnet.
If it is ON but the stimulation is not noticeable when you pass the magnet over the Pulse Generator, you can ask your Doctor about increasing the magnet stimulation to a level that you can feel.

*Avoid excessive vagus nerve stimulation, which can be produced by frequent magnet activation, more than 4 hours of continuous stimulation due to repeated magnet activations.
*Use the magnet to stop stimulation if you suspect that the Pulse Generator is not working properly or if stimulation is painful. Contact your Doctor immediately.