Simple and easy ways you can help fable. Just send any of the items listed below to

37-39 Bedford Street,
S6 3BT

Old watches working or not.


Old and broken jewellery


Recycle used stamps for RNIB
We can raise money from both British and foriegn overseas stamps. It doesn't matter if they have been used, or if they are everyday fiirst and second class stamps

Collections at local sports matches

You will need to get a group of about ten people together. Contact any sports clubs in your area and ask them if you can collect at half time. If they agree, then ask if they would mention it in the programme the week before or on the day and announce it over the public address.

You can then collect around the ground at half time. Fancy dress would be good as it always attracts attention and means you will collect more. Third and fourth division football clubs are especially good for this.

Collections at service stations/ train stations

Fancy dress and friends to help are a very good idea. You will need to contact individual service stations/ train stations to get permission. This can raise over £500.

Bag packing/ collection at local supermarket

Get help from a few friends. You will need to get permission from the supermarket. They do book up well in advance so you will need to plan for this and contact them early. This can raise over £300.

Quiz night at local pub

If your local pub already holds a quiz night, ask if the proceeds can be donated to Fable. Make sure that you advertise this in posters beforehand, people will dip in to their pockets more readily  Choose a mid week night and the quiz should bring in more business for the pub. You can ask the landlord to throw in a basic buffet for free - lots of pubs do! This can raise over £300.

Piggy back other events

Look out for local events such as summer fetes or local dances where you can hold a tombola, raffle or cake stall to raise donation money.

Dress down day/ non-uniform day

These work well in your children's school or in the workplace. Charge each person £1 or £2 to come in for the day in non-uniform or casual dress.